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Attention Faithful Readers

Hello people!

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted since I moved out of GMC.

I figured that since this is about college and I won't be going back to college until the fall, I shouldn't post here again until the fall.

However, just so you know, I will be posting here again come the fall, as I will be attending Adirondack Community College. :]

Thanks so much for reading this and hope to see you either on my other blog or back here in the fall!

Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*
Hello people! I woke up at 11:30-ish today. Vicki got a call from her mom telling her that she was gonna be picking her up at noon instead of 4:00, as was originally planned. Vicki got up and started packing more of her stuff. Brendan came by and chilled with us. I offered to help, but Vicki said she didn't need it. We waited til about 12:30, when Vicki's mom arrived. We all brought Vicki's stuff down to her mom's car and helped her load it all in. Then we ran over to Withey to turn in Vicki's keys. We went back to the car and said our goodbyes. It was depressing. Then I said goodbye to Brendan cuz HE had to leave, too. I went back upstairs to my dorm and started packing whilst watching TV. I got all my clothes packed and then it was nearing three, so I had to run off to work. I brought Strangers With Candy so I wouldn't get bored. I watched the first four episodes. I took a fifteen minute break to eat dinner - my very last meal here at Green Mountain. It consisted of pasta, a little cut-up chicken and some garlic bread. Twas decent, considering where I got it, but nowhere near as good as mom's. I went back downstairs to the security office and Brian joined me for about ten minutes. Then this girl came by who also works as a dispatcher for Campus Security. She wanted a shift. I told her I'd give her my second one, if she really wanted it (from 6:00-9:00). She said sure, she'd love it. So I got to go back to my room and Brian went back to his apartment. I've spent the past two hours packing and now my room is just about done. I've left out the necessities, of course, and my phone, TV and Christmas lightsso this place isn't TOTALLY  empty, but other than that, everything's done. I feel good. Now I'm gonna take a shower, watch a little TV and go to bed. Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*
Hello people! I woke up at 9:30 today. Vicki and I got dressed and ran off to The Buttery to meet up with Brendan; he treated us to breakfast. He had $30 on his card that he had to spend at The Buttery before break, or he would lose it. SOOOOO, we each got a breakfast sandwich with a hash brown and a drink.We sat there for about half an hour, then Brendan and I had exams to go to. I went to Brit Lit and took my exam; it was okay. I think I prolly got a B. Speaking of, I got my paper back (the one I wrote furiously two weeks ago) and guess what? I got a B on it. I'm furious. I think I deserved an A. I worked so hard on that paper and I didn't expect a B at all. I wanna punch my teacher in the face. So glad I never have to see her again. After that, I went up to the dorm and Vicki and I watched some TV while she packed. Brendan joined us shortly thereafter, around 1:00. Vicki took a shower then we all left for Rutland at 2:30. We stopped into The Buttery first to get some water for the road and passed Campus Security so I could say hi to Gary, then we headed on out. We went to the mall and went to F.Y.E. first. Vicki got a keychain and some candy, which she got for me. <3 We went to Bath & Body Works next, where I got a present for my mom and some SLEEP bodywash. We went to Verizon next and I found a new phone that I desperately want; the Rogue. Holy crap, I want it so bad, but my contract doesn't end for, like, a year. :( After that, we visited Vicki's recruiter cuz she had to get weighed and measured. She lost 5% body fat! :D WHOOT! We chilled there for a while and joked with the dude. It was fun, as usual. XD Finally, we went on back to school and went straight to dinner. I had a sandwich and it was tasty. We were there for about half an hour, then we stopped at The Buttery to finish off Brendan's money there; we each got candy or cookies. We went back to our building and picked up our computers then went with Brian to his apartment. While there, we watched No Country for Old Men, which is insane. I fell asleep during the ending, though. I'm kinda bummed about that, lol. THEN, we watched A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All. Obviously, title of this post is from the special. At about 10:30, we stopped over at Bogue to drop off our computers, then we went to Denny's for a late-night snack. I just had some hot chocolate. I wasn't really hungry. We finally came back to the school around 12:30 and, so, here I am. Brendan's hanging with me and Vicki and we're watching TV. I'm gonna take a shower right quick and go to bed pretty soon. I'm packing tomorrow morning until 3:00, when I have to go to work. Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*
Hello people!

As mentioned in my previous post, I didn't get to bed til about 4:30 last night.

I woke up to my dreadful alarm at 9:00 this morning. I depserately wanted to go back to bed, but I forced myself to get up. I took my shower, got dressed and prepared for class. I left at 10:15 and got to class with five minutes to spare. Mark gave us a handout that had five questions on it, all of them asking things like, "Who was your favorite speaker?" and "What was your favorite reading?" That was our exam.

So easy. Then we went over to the library to learn how to do something on the school's database. It was stupid and boring and took fifteen minutes. We went back to the classroom to finish our exam. I handed mine in and said goodbye to Mark. He shook my hand and that was that. I walked over to the library cuz I wanted to print off my Lit Studies paper, but every single computer was taken. I decided to try The Gorge.

There's a computer lab there and I've heard that the printer is amazing. I went down there and - big surprise - all the computers were already taken.SO, I went back to Bogue and hopped on my computer for a bit. At 12:15, I asked Vicki if she wanted to come eat, but she said she felt sick. I got Jade and we went to lunch together. I had a salad. It was actually decent. I went back down to The Gorge and found a free computer!

I printed off my paper right quick and then ran over to Dunton, where Mitch's office was, to hand it in. Then I went back to Bogue, where Vicki informed me she wanted to go to lunch. I went with her and just sat with her while she ate. We stopped at the school book store next so I could return Jade's books for her (I had to go there anyway, so I offered). She only got $7.75 for four of them! O.O Glad I'm selling mine online!

I bought some candy for Vicki and myself cuz we were craving it. We went to the ATM machine next and I took out $20 (that's the minimum amount you can withdraw - how stupid is that?!). Vicki got it changed into tens in The Buttery, then came back and got one of the tens changed into quarters in the quarter machine, lol. We took all those quarters back to Bogue and did two loads of laundry; one each.

Total, it cost us five bucks. Not too shabby. We went back upstairs to chill while our clothes were in the machines and I wound up falling asleep for about two hours. Vicki ended up getting my clothes from the laundry room for me! <333 I woke up and folded my clothes and then we got dressed and went to dinner with Jen, Jade, Brian, Brad and Chris. I had a salami sandwich with mustard and potato chips.

Twas decent. Not the best meal ever, but better than usual. Everyone left us to go work on papers and study. Brendan joined me and Vicki for about half an hour, then we went down to The Gorge cuz Vicki had her own paper to print off. She did, then she had to go to her firefighter meeting. Brendan went back to his room to study and I went to work. Now, here I am, listening to music and being exhausted, lol.

The Vickster and Brendan will be coming back down here at 9:00 to hang out and watch a movie. I don't really care if anyone comes down here, I'm content with just listening to my awesome music. Ooh, guess what? I picked up an extra shift on Thursday (from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM), so my paycheck is gonna be AWESOME this time around; I think it's gonna be around...$170. XD I'm so excited!

I've got one exam tomorrow, then I have to pack to go home. WHOOOOOOT! <3

Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*

Day One-Hundred-Five: No Exams Today

Hello people!

I had a dream that....

I was in some weird castle building and there was a huge chapel with an entire wall missing. Dad, Nick and I were walking around the chapel, looking at everything. I think it was a crime scene cuz there was a huge group of cops with us. We walked around for a little while until I found a zombie doll on a ledge. It was insanely creepy and I picked it up to show my dad. When I turned around to show them, the cops were gone.

We went over to the missing wall side of the room and peered out over the sprawling landscape. An old, creepy-looking man came up to us with a labrador at his side. The dog came up to me and kept licking my hands. *shrugs* Don't know the significance of that. The old man told us that we had to figure out how to break some kind of spell that was over the chapel which was allowing people to come back to life.

Something like that. Anywho, I kept asking questions about how to break the spell and then I woke up. It was weird. *shrugs* I woke up at about noon yesterday. Vicki had an exam at 10:30, but she slept through her alarm so she missed it. :( We went to lunch together and I had some cheese danishes. Twas the first time I've seen them in the cafeteria and they were so tasty! Hope they have 'em again today!

We went back to Bogue after that and watched TV practically all day. We napped a little, but we mostly watched TV; Full House, Sabrina, Grounded for Life, etc. At 5:00, we went to dinner with the whole gang; Jade, Brian, Chris and Jen. It was awkward. Things won't ever be the same between all of us, but I don't care. I feel like Jen disrespected me and until she apologizes, I cannot be friends with her.

And let's face facts, she's never going to apologize. So whatever. If Vicki was the only friend I gained from coming to Green Mountain, that would be more than enough for me. I had some cut up cucumbers in mom's dressing for dinner. There wasn't much else to eat. We met up with Vicki's friend, Brendan, who is hilarious and awesome. We told him to come hang out with us later, if he had time, and he said he would.

We went back to our dorm and watched TV. Around 9:00, Brendan came to chill with us. We watched Mary Poppins on ABC Family for a while. Then we all got hungry, so Brendan and Vicki cooked up some venison (eww) and I made myself a couple hot dogs. Delicious! Haven't had hot dogs in FOREVER. <3 We stayed up until about 4:30 in the morning, talking and laughing. OMG, it was so much fun.

Brendan is freaking hysterical. We also made this nice little video about Vicki's mad Ninja skills...

Brendan went back to his dorm at 4:30 and I saved my shower for the morning. So, yeah. The end. X]

Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*

Day One-Hundred: Up at the Crack of Dawn

Hello people!

I slept awful last night.

Well, not necessarily awful, but not to my liking; Vicki and I woke up at 4:00, both of us wide-awake. Vicki eventually fell back asleep, but I couldn't sleep anymore. I got my iPod and played some games I downloaded on it, then watched all my videos, then listened to some music. It sucked up time til 8:00, when I got up and got dressed. I ate my leftovers from last night for breakfast and hopped online.

I killed time and listened to the MGS soundtrack til about 9:00, when I got ready for class. Then I went to Images at 9:30. It was our last class! :D We talked about random stuff and blahblahblah it was boring. But I got my paper back (the one that had Twister and Jurassic Park references in it) and I got a B! :DDD I'm so freaking stoked, OMG. <3 Lit Studies AND Brit Lit were cancelled today - my teachers are sick! :(

I went back to the dorm and laid down to chill but then I fell asleep for about an hour. I got up around noon and Vicki, Jade, Brian and I went to lunch. I wasn't hungry, so I just had a cup of Sprite. Then Vicki and I went with Brian to Rutland for a while. Brian had his PT to go to, then Vicki and I went to visit the recruiter dude. We just chatted for a bit then we went BACK to pick up Brian.

Traffic was INSANE, though. Some guy cut Vicki off and almost drove her into a ditch, then flipped her off! UGH, I hate other drivers, lol. We were a little late getting back to Brian because of that, which upset him cuz he had to get back to school to meet up with a friend so they could go see Wicked in Albany. We came back to school and went straight to dinner, where they had baked potates! OMG SO GOOD.

I made myself a panini sandwich, too, so I had an actual, full meal, lol. After dinner, we went back to the dorm and chilled for a while. Around 9:00, Chris and Jade came into our room to watch Star Wars (the sixth movie...what is it, Empire Strikes Back?). We watched that til about twenty minutes ago. A friend of Vicki's, Brendan, joined us. He's totally awesome and so funny! :D And now, here I am, writing this blog.

Sooooooo I'm exhausted. Time for bed.

Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*

Day Ninety-Nine: Some Celebration

Hello people!

I woke up to mom calling me at 12:30.

We talked for a bit and then Vicki and I went to lunch. I didn't eat much cuz I wasn't that hungry, but I got some pickles (they had the long sandwich pickles today! <333). We went back to Bogue after that, expecting to meet up with Brian to go to Rutland.

Unfortunately, he changed his plans without telling us. We called him and asked him why we weren't leaving and he explained that he was gonna go up to Rutland for his physical therapy tomorrow instead of today. I was annoyed cuz I hate when plans change, but whatever. Then we heard that Brian was gonna go to the mall to do some shopping, so we went with him; I needed boots to wear in the snow.

Jen, Jade and Chris, however, didn't wanna go. That caused a little anger between the group, cuz it made everything so inconvenient. But oh well. We stopped at the F.Y.E. in the mall; it's closing, so everything was on sale. I got season one of Home Improvement on DVD and found a Futurama action figure for Nick. Next, I went to the shoe store and I got some really cute snow boots that are SO comfy.

They were on sale, too. Then, Brian, Vicki and I drove all the way back to school to pick up the gang. On the way back, Jen called Brian to say that she didn't wanna go to dinner with all of us. I dunno if I said this before, but tonight was sposed to be our huge Christmas celebration. We were all gonna go out to dinner and have a blast, then come back to the dorms and open our presents to each other and watch TV.

Well, Jen ruined everything. When Brian got off the phone, Vicki and I freaked out about it. We got so freaking angry. We got back to Bogue and went upstairs to drop off the stuff we bought and get Chris and Jade for dinner. Vicki and I put our stuff down in our room and then stood outside of Jen's door and waited and waited and waited and freaking waited for Brian to come out - he had gone in there to talk to her.

Chris and Jade were already outside the door. Then Jade went downstairs to wait for us, Chris went in the room to talk to Jen WITH Brian, and Vicki and I waited outside the room, fuming. We left without Jen and got about fifteen minutes away before Jen called Brian and said that she wanted to come with us. AFTER WE ALREADY FREAKING LEFT. Vicki and I were like, "No, she chose not to come, we're not gonna go get her."

But because Brian's freaking in love with her, we went all the way back and got her. And, not only that, but she was freaking IN HER ROOM instead of waiting outside for us. Talk about freaking RUDE. After about fifteen minutes of waiting, we all FINALLY got into the car and FINALLY drove to Rutland. We went to Ninety-Nine and I got chicken fingers and iced tea. SO YUM. We got a sundae for dessert, too.

After that, around 8:00, we went back to our dorms. We all (with the exception of Jen) went into my and Vicki's room and exchanged presents. All of my presents are in the mail and on their way here, but my friends told me what they got me; Brian got me a 24: Declassified book and I Am America (And So Can You!) in paperback. Vicki got me a journal and a robe. And Chris got me four packs of gum.

XD It's my favorite kind of gum, so I was quite happy with it. Jade's present to me was a drawing and it's totally cute. We all had poppers, too, so that was fun. Then we went next door to Jen's room and I gave her my present cuz I'd bought it for her, ya know, I might as well give it to her. She loved it. Vicki and I went back to our room and now, here we are. I am so irritated and tired and just done with Jen.

Vicki and I just aren't gonna talk to her anymore. You guys don't even know the half of how terrible she is. She's manipulative, conniving and controlling. She was mad at us because my parents invited Vicki over during break. Like, she thought because Vicki's coming over first, I'm never inviting Jen over. Which is SO STUPID. But now, I hope I don't see her again.

Whatever, I'm done with everything. I'm gonna go shower and go to bed.

Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*

Day Ninety-Eight: Small Annoyances

Hello people!

I had a crazy dream, but I don't remember the deets.

Anywho, today has been kind of a crappy day. Nothing particularly bad happened, I've just been getting really pissed off about everything. I was awoken by Jade banging on our door at 8:30. That's fine, I knew that was gonna happen; Vicki asked Jade to get her up at that time so she could go with Jade, Jen and Brian to breakfast.I was in and out sleep til my alarm went off at 9:00, which was insanely loud.

Vicki was playing music on my iHome yesterday and forgot to turn the sound down when she was done, so it was BLARING. I shot up and turned it off, frustated. I like to wake up slowly, calmly, to Sims music or something. So waking up to blasting music pissed me off a bit. I got ready for class quickly and headed off to Images at 9:30. We talked about Aldo Leopold (dude from the beginning of the year).

It was dull, I hate Leopold so much. After that, I went back to my dorm and went back to sleep - Vicki was already sleeping, herself, lol. We slept on and off til about 1:00, when Vicki got up and ran off to class. I still tried to sleep but that didn't go well. Jen, Jade and Brian were making a HUGE racket and people kept texting me. So that pissed me off even more. I don't think it's too much to ask for a few hours of quiet.

And I don't mean not talking at all, but shouting and fucking tapping on the heater (which runs through every room on the floor, so if someone taps on it in one room, everyone can hear it in their own room) is RIDICULOUS. And this isn't the first time Jen, Jade and Brian have been crazy loud when they knew we were sleeping, so that just made me angrier. I got up at about 2:10 and got online for a while.

At 4:00, Jen, Vicki, Chris, Brian and I went to the pizza place in town for dinner. Jen covered me and Vicki cuz neither of us has extra money to spend. The food was good. We went back to the dorm after that and chilled for forty minutes or so. At 6:00, I went to work. And now, here we are. A few good things about today are my bosses are awesome, I talked to my parents on Skype and I talked to Mr. Kurt Ludlow on Twitter for a while.

Those have improved my mood immensely. God, I love the adults in my life. They're so fantastical. Also, Vicki came to see me. She's AWESOME. XD

Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*
Hello people!

I woke up to my alarm at 8:00 this morning.

I couldn't face my paper last night; I simply couldn't focus. So I got up early today to get it done. I was so worried that I wouldn't have enough time, even though I gave myself two and a half hours (I didn't have to get ready for class til 10:30). Boy, was I wrong to be so concerned. I finished my paper in an hour (a full six pages!), printed it off at the library and made copies of the lyrics for my project to hand out.

I forgot to tell you guys; we had to do a project for Brit Lit, too, and I made a video with a parodied carol about Twelfth Night. Actually, I might have mentioned this, but whatever. I recorded the video last night and it's up on YouTube, but guess what?

I've put it right here, just for you!Collapse )

I killed time and got ready for class til 11:00, when I left for Lit Studies. We talked about our papers and what our topics are, etc. We were also assigned ANOTHER paper - our final exam paper - which is due Tuesday. I went upstairs after class and Vicki and I went to lunch. I had some cereal cuz I wasn't all that hungry. Then I went to Brit Lit. I was anxious about showing my video to everyone; I have stage fright.

I really hate performing in front of people - even if I'm technically not "performing" cuz it was already recorded - I feel like people are judging me really harshly. *shrugs* BUT, it went over very well and everyone loved my song so I felt really good when I was done with my presentation. I headed over to Bogue to put my computer away (I showed the video on my computer) and to get my binder for Images.

Then I went to Images, obviously, lol. We talked about cultural memories and how many times we've moved and times when we've gone back to a place where we used to live or something and it was changed and different from how we remember it. It was really fun and interesting! We were let out at 4:00 and I went back to Bogue til dinner time at 4:45. I had a pepperoni sandwich; twas decent.

We chilled for a while, til about 5:50, when Vicki and I went back to Bogue. We killed some time and then went to the gym to work out a little. I walked a mile, rode on a bike for ten-ish minutes and lifted some weights. It was not entirely terrible. I listened to Stephen Colbert's reading of "The Lie" to refresh myself on the story. I'm gonna do some reading tomorrow and work on my paper tomorrow night and Wednesday.

We went back to the dorm for a while, until Jen and Jade said they were gonna go outside to play in the snow - it's been snowing all day. SO. Vicki and I got dressed in appropriate clothing and went out to join the gals. Brian was out there, too. We threw snowballs and rolled around in the snow and sang Christmas carols. It was a blast. Then Jen and Jade went inside and Brian had to do a round (he's on duty tonight).

But Chris came out and joined us, so he, Vicki and I walked over to The Buttery to take a break and warm up. We sat there for a good ten minutes and then went over to Dunton to steal the wreath off their door. It now sits on our door (inside our room, of course). :D MOOHAHA. WE ROCK. X] Now I'm gonna take a shower and go to bed.

Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*
Hello people!

Today has been a long-ass day.

As I said last night, I was up super late doing my paper for Images. Well, I didn't get to sleep til about 4:00 (trust me, it wasn't by choice). I had to get up at 8:30 to print my paper in the library, but for some reason, my alarm didn't go off and I didn't wake up til 9:00 this morning. Class started at 9:30, so I had to RUSH to get ready and get out. I got dressed and ready to go in ten minutes and bolted to the library.

I printed my paper and made it to class with five minutes to spare. *whew* A lady from the Career Services center in the library came to talk to us for half an hour. That was incredibly boring. Then Mark asked us to summarize our papers to the class before he collected them. One of the girls in my class got really excited when I mentioned Jurassic Park. XD <333 She loves that book! :D Anywho, we finally handed in our papers.

At about 10:30, we were let out of class (early). I went back to Bogue and grabbed my book for Lit Studies. Vicki was sleeping, so I went next door to hang with Jen and Jade til 11:00. I went to class next and it was pretty freaking boring, but what else is new? We read some poems. Blah. At noon, Vicki, Chris, Jade and I went to lunch. I had a bacon and chicken wrap; it was okay. Mom makes 'em better.

I went to Brit Lit next, at 1:00. We talked about "A Modest Proposal," which was annoying since I read that last year. *shakes head* Vicki and I got our transfer papers filled out and all that crap taken care of, so we're good to go now. Then we tried to take a nap, but Jade and Jen kept making a ton of noise. I woke up at 3:13 then fell back asleep, but only til about 4:00, cuz Brian and Chris joined the noise-making party.

I went out and asked them to please quiet down cuz we didn't wanna go to dinner for another hour. They said okay but they kept freaking screaming and cackling and it was driving me insane. They came and got us for dinner at 4:30 instead of 5:00, and Vicki and I were both in bad moods. We didn't eat much at dinner - I had half a waffle. And we were only there for about ten minutes cuz Vicki had to get back.

Her mom said she would be there to pick her up really soon, so Vicki wanted to go pack. So we did. She packed and I walked downstairs with her and waited outside for her mom, but we sat there for, like, an hour! Apparently, her mom left half an hour later than we thought. When her mom finally got here and picked her up, I went upstairs hoping for a little piece and quiet. Alas, it was not meant to be.

My neighbors across the way were being insanely loud and blasting music. I needed to hear myself think and I couldn't take everyone else's noise anymore, so I played The Sims music as loud as it would go. I felt a little better. I turned on my TV with the intention of playing Vice City, but I got distracted by a Food Network Challenge and iCarly. I watched those, then Iron Chef America, til 9:00.

The whole gang and I went to Price Chopper cuz Jen, Chris and Jade had stuff to get. We rocked out to Lady Gaga and suchwhich in the car. It was really fun. And now, I'm chilling in the dorm, typing this up.

Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*


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